Q: What Is This Site?

A: This site is all about providing readers with all kinds useful information about air shows.

Q: What Are Air Shows?

A:Air shows are basically events where many kinds of aircrafts put on amazing displays through stunts, races, and exhibitions.

Q: What Is The FAI World Championship?

A:The FAI World Championship is basically an annual event that the Fédération aéronautique international runs. It’s an air show that features multiple events that enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

Q: Why Should I Attend Air Shows?

A: Attending air shows is quite the enjoyable affair, providing you with plenty of awesome exhibitions and stunts to give you an experience of a lifetime.

Q: Should I Attend Air Shows?

A: Yes, you definitely should.

Q: How Do I Attend Air Shows?

A: There are air shows held all over the world. You just need to pick one, look up the events on offer, and travel there.