Why Attend The FAI World Championship

The FAI World Championship is an event that occurs every year and which you can attend if you are an avid fan of aircraft vehicles and models. If you are, you should definitely consider doing so, especially if you have never been to an air show event before. There are plenty of opportunities for you to indulge your hobby, whether it’s in the form of watching all of the events buying up all kinds of merchandize using the many Special Discounts on offer.

If you are still not convinced, it might be prudent to go over the many reasons that you might want to attend the FAI World Championship. After all, knowing what you will be getting in return might make all of the effort that goes into saving for the trip and then flying half-way around the world less of an issue.


The Aerobatics

There are plenty of exhibitions that are featured at the FAI World Championship and among the most exciting would have to be the various aerobatics that will be showcased. If you are a big fan of aeroplanes and want to see the pilots perform all kinds of stunts, there are few other events as worthy of your time as the FAI World Championship. You could even find great Voucher Codes to help with your expenses when you do attend.

The Balloon Flightshot air balloon

In all the world, there are few sights as beautiful as seeing a whole fleet of hot air balloons taking off at the same time. Seeing so many colorful giant orbs take off into the sky, filling the landscape all the way to the horizon produces a feeling that can be impossible to describe. That is just one of the things waiting for you at the FAI World Championship.

UAV Displays

Finally, there are the drone races that can be seen when attending the FAI World Championship. The sight of UAVs making so many dangerous maneuvers that would not be possible in piloted aerial vehicles is simply astounding. With the event being so new, there is also the exciting future involving drones to think about.

Drone displays are probably some of the most interesting exhibitions you will ever get to witness. It involves colorful LED light shows and the perfect synchronicity of the UAVs – definitely a must-see if you are interested in knowing what the latest technological advancements can do. Make sure that you book your tickets to the show ahead of time since these shows can get sold out quickly. Check out the klook travel discounts to save some money on the ticket price at the gate. While you are there, make sure to save some money on the city’s delectable cuisine using your grab food promo code.